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Friday, June 21, 2024 - 15 Sivan 5784
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The Priestly Garments After Resurrection
The Talmud brings a lengthy discussion about the order in which the priestly garments should be donned. The conclusion is that when the Temple is rebuilt, Moses will be resurrected together with Aaron the High Priest and his sons, and they will reestablish the order of donning the garments. They will resolve any dispute that may arise regarding the service in the Temple, because they have the experience to know exactly how things should be done.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe adds that this also answers the question of where they will obtain the priestly garments when Moshiach comes. The dead will be resurrected in their clothing—in case of Aaron and his sons, they will wake up already dressed in the priestly garments. The Rebbe emphasizes that this is true even in the case of Aaron, of whom the Torah states explicitly that he removed his priestly garments and gave them over to Elazar his son. “It is understood and obvious that [at the time of resurrection] he will have garments, and not just any garments but the appropriate ones for him, the priestly garments, worn for honor and glory.”

The return of the tsaddikim with the resurrection also resolves another problem. Today we are all considered impure due to contact with the dead, including the kohanim, who are forbidden to perform service in the Temple as long as they are impure. In order to become purified we need the ashes of a red heifer, which can be prepared only after the Temple is rebuilt, and the purification process itself takes seven days. If so, how will the priests perform the service in the Temple for the first week?

The answer is that Aaron and his sons who will be resurrected will be considered pure and they will perform the service in the Temple, may it happen immediately.

References: Talmud Bavli Yoma 5b. Ketuvot 111b. Tamid ch. 3. Niddah 70b, see Chidushei Aggadot, Maharsha. Hilchot Beit Habechira 6:15. Panim Yafot Chukat on the verse “Zot Hatorah.” Likutei Sichot vol. 12 p. 220. Hitvaaduyot 5747 vol. 3 p. 488.


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