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Monday, December 11, 2023 - 28 Kislev 5784
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A New Wind
Enormous amounts of time, money and resources are currently being poured into the effort to find alternative sources of energy. Even ideas that had been dismissed in the past as being unfeasible are now getting a new look, mainly because of the rising price of fossil fuels.

One promising area of research is an ancient technology – wind power. For example, the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, recently explored the possibility of launching turbines (giant propellers) into the jet stream, a steady, swift wind that blows around the world at a height of four to 13 kilometers. Electric generators attached to the turbines would transfer electricity to earth by a series of cables, directly into a power station on earth, which would feed the electricity into the power grid.

Since time immemorial, sailors have used wind power to move their ships. Now, thanks to advanced technology, ships are being developed that rely solely on wind power – but without the ancient ship’s susceptibility to storm damage. These sleek, modern cargo boats will be built with sturdy sails made out of lightweight aluminum and fiber-optic plastic, and will use no fossil fuels at all for transport.

Ninety-five percent of international world trade is by way of the oceans. Saving even 30% to 50% of their expenditures on fossil fuels can make a substantial difference in cost, not to mention the positive effects on the ocean environment.


The trend to abandon fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) in favor of purer, cleaner sources of energy is a direct result of a spiritual transformation that is sweeping over our post-modern society. Over the generations we have come to realize that what we thought of as modern conveniences and comforts come at a heavy price. We need to use our advanced knowledge to develop a way of life that is sustainable and ultimately satisfying for us as individuals, as families, as a society.

In our search for a way of life that is at once sustainable and fulfilling, we are returning back to our roots – back to the ancient teachings and principles that gave us the courage and strength to survive through some of the most trying times known to man. Now, however, we have a unique opportunity to blend the lessons of the past with the innovations of the future. We can harness modern technology in ways that bring us together, that bring meaning to our lives, that enable us to learn about each other and help one another in previously unimaginable ways.

This is the aim, the vision, of the days of Moshiach – a time when every human invention and dream will find its ultimate expression, in a way that brings out the best in us. Our environment will be purified in both a physical and spiritual sense, and all of us will enjoy a superior quality of life, such as we have never imagined before


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