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Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 24 Iyyar 5782
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The Leviathan, Shor Habar and “reserved wine”

Will the Leviathan, Shor Habar and “reserved wine” be the only courses served at the “feast of Moshiach”?

According to a description of the “feast of Moshiach” by the Kabbalist Rabbi Menachem Azaria dePano, a number of foods will be served at the meal:

They will eat bread, but not bread from the ground.  As the verse in Psalms states (105:40) “He will satisfy them with bread from heaven.”  The feast of Moshiach will be to celebrate the Redemption, which represents the full reparation of the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge. According to one opinion, the “fruit of the tree” was actually wheat.  Since there is a rule that “a prosecutor cannot become a defender,” no bread from the ground will be served at the meal. Rather, the bread will be from heaven.  Also, the vial of manna that was preserved for a remembrance will also be served.

They will eat fruits from the Garden of Eden, in order to fulfill the command given to Adam:  “From all the fruits of the garden you shall eat.”  They will also eat the almonds that sprouted miraculously from the staff of Aaron in the Holy of Holies.

Together with the Leviathan and the giant ox that will be slaughtered for this meal, a giant wild fowl will also be served.

The meal itself will take place in the Garden of Eden.  The meat will be served by the angel Gabriel, and the bread by the angel Raphael, who will heal all our illnesses. The angel Michael will serve the drinks.  These three angels were the guests in the home of Abraham, and it is fitting that they will “repay the favor” and wait on the righteous ones at the feast of Moshiach.

G-d Himself will be present and will teach Torah to all the righteous ones.  Moses will come to the garden and will bless the people.

(Maamar Shabsos Lashem, Rabbi Menachem d’Pano.  Rabeinu B’chaye, Bereishis 1:21)



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