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Sunday, April 2, 2023 - 11 Nisan 5783
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Friday, 7 April 2023
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Small World

Last spring, a small volcano erupted on a remote island in middle of the ocean, not far from the North Pole. This volcano has become well-known to us by its tongue-twisting name of Eyjafjallajökull, after volcanic ash spread over Europe and halted air traffic for up to a week. One eruption in a remote location impacted the lives of millions of people, thousands of miles away.

More recently, millions of people around the world were glued to their screens to watch a drama unfolding hundreds of meters below ground. Deep inside a Chilean mine, 33 miners were trapped, and for some reason their plight evoked an unprecedented human interest. For the 69 days they were trapped, until their rescue, people around the world hungrily awaited updates on their condition. They were not family, not friends, not even countrymen. Yet people identified with them, prayed for them, hoped for them.

This is the nature of humanity today – we live in an increasingly interconnected world, a global village. We are connected to each other through ties of business, science, research, security, culture. Even when there are no direct links between one person and the other, the nature of modern communications puts the life and drama of people on another continent into immediate focus. No place on earth is too remote, no person too distant to attract our attention and hold our interest.

This state of affairs is reminiscent of the prophecies of Redemption, when the world will be united in an acknowledgment of the sovereignty of G-d. As we say in our prayers, “Before You, G-d, all will kneel and fall unprecedented, and will give glory to the honor of Your name, and they will accept upon themselves the yoke of Your Kingship.”

This recognition of G-d will be orchestrated by a single individual. Under the leadership of King Moshiach we will come to understand how the world is guided and orchestrated by the benevolent power of G-d.

Despite our geographic distance from each other, we will soon experience a wondrous unity of mind, heart and spirit. Cultural and political barriers will fall away as we acknowledge the truths that unite and sustain us all. Naturally, this newly awakened unity of mankind will leave no room for war or hatred. Instead, Moshiach will usher in an era of everlasting peace for all humanity.



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