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Thursday, February 2, 2023 - 11 Shevat 5783
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Moshiach in the Parsha
Behold Before You

The letters of the word "Elul," the month we are now entering, are an acronym of various verses in the Torah. One verse pertains to the escape to the cities of refuge. The city of refuge is also an allusion to Torah study, which protects us from the evil inclination. Another verse, "Ani L'dodi v'Dodi Li, I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me," is an allusion to our relationship with G-d, expressed through prayer. A third verse, from the Scroll of Esther, refers to the gifts we exchange and charity we give on Purim, alluding to the acts of compassion and kindness that are especially stressed during Elul. A fourth verse is a reference to circumcision of the heart, an allusion to the service of teshuvah.

This week's Torah portion, Re'eh, is always read on the Shabbat leading in to the month of Elul. It begins with the words "Behold I am placing before you the blessing and the curse. The blessing--to heed the commandments of G-d." Here, too, there are allusions to four categories of Divine service. "Behold" is a reference to the giving of the Torah, when the Jews stood and actually beheld G-d with their eyes. "You shall heed" refers to our readiness to serve G-d with all our heart and soul. "The blessing and the curse" refers to the fulfillment of positive and negative mitzvot.

The ultimate closeness and connection with G-d is alluded to in the word "I", Anochi. In every Jewish soul there is a level referred to as "Yechida," which is inseparable from G-d Himself. This essential level will be revealed with the true and ultimate Redemption.

(Toras Menachem 5748, vol. 4, p. 198)


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